Women’s Retreat




I have known Laurie for about two years. We were introduced through a mutual friend who thought I would like a class she was teaching called Rebuilding Your Temple. I enjoyed said class very much and when she brought up the idea of a retreat relating to it, I said sure. I also attended another of her retreats titled The Bride of Christ. Both experiences were tremendously informative as she is very knowledgeable about her subject. It was obvious that a huge amount of research was done regarding both subjects. The retreats were well thought out and planned. She puts a lot into them. They were interactive as well which made them not only more enjoyable, but this impressed the subject matter more thoroughly upon the participants. In both retreats real, whole foods are provided as a part of the experience.

Lisa, St. Louis, Missouri

Laurie’s retreat last year was packed full of events along with nutritious food.  I enjoyed the fellowship and feel blessed I was able to take part in it.

Lori, St. Louis, Missouri

Join the fun and fellowship!

Come, kneel before the Lord our Maker, for he is our God. We are his sheep, and he is our Shepherd. Oh, that you would hear Him calling you today and come to Him! Psalm 95:6-7