Life is a journey, but we have a reliable GPS system if we choose to use it.

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Life is a journey, but we have a reliable GPS system if we choose to use it.

We all have a moral compass that points us straight to God. When we look at a compass, the points form a cross. When we travel north, we have a straight path to God and Heaven. When we go south, we come in contact with Satan. East or west leads us to people. Going northeast and northwest leads us to Christian fellowship. Going southeast or southwest leads us toward people who are deceptive, troublemakers, or can cause us pain and suffering. Along with this moral compass, God also gave us a GPS system that is operated by God.

We have a choice, just as we do when we drive. We can listen to the directions and get to the destination without any problem, or we can try and navigate on our own. Our attempt to do it by ourselves often leads us on many lengthy detours. It takes up our time, causes added stress and interferes with what we are supposed to be doing. Fortunately for us, our moral GPS system can reroute us, and it does this frequently.

At times, our detours might lead us astray for months or years of our lives. God continues to beep at us telling us He is rerouting us and we continue to ignore it. We get annoyed that the voice keeps telling us to turn around, get back on track. Each moment that passes gets us further lost in sin, fear or desperation. We keep looking for a rest stop, but on these unbeaten paths, there are none. We keep pushing ourselves to try and make it on our own, only to feel lost and alone. The people we encounter on these back roads as we travel southeast or southwest misinform us. Their advice and companionship get us into trouble. Although they may be riding along with us, they scare us, make us feel sad and unworthy of reaching our real destination. These people delight in leading us astray. When going south, Satan fills our head with defeating thoughts and tells us there is no way to get back on track. He loves for us to travel on these back roads because they can be dark and scary. Eventually we grow weary, and finally, when we see no way back to the main highway, we listen to the GPS.

The rerouting may lead us down many bumpy roads and take us a long time to get back on course, but when we continue to heed its directions, we will eventually reach our destination. As we start to travel northeast or northwest, we meet Christians who want to point us in the right direction. They invite us to join their fellowship groups and church. They share the Good News of the Bible with us, and we start building a relationship with God our loving Father.

The road gets a little brighter, and we no longer hear the annoying beeping, but the quiet, gentle voice that keeps telling us our next move. We now see that our life is now heading north and although the road is not entirely free of bumps and sharp turns, there is a sense of peace inside us because we have hope and we know we are on the right track. We begin to see God once again active in our lives. We converse with Him and seek God when we are in need of help.

At this point, we know that although we may have a long journey in front of us, there is an end in sight. Then when we hear those words: your destination is straight ahead of you, we know we will soon be home. We will be free to roam and enjoy the serenity of Heaven. There will be no more pain or suffering. Beauty will surround us, and we will stand in awe of God and all His glory. We will no longer have to deal with people who are corrupt or misleading. We will be rid of Satan forever. The journey with all of its bumps and detours will have been well worth the effort we exerted to get back on the right track. When we hear God say those glorious words “well done good and faithful servant” we will know we can turn off the engine and rest in God’s arms for eternity. The journey complete, we will be glad we listened to the GPS.

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